Our History

The studio was established in 1994 and operated under the name Excalibre Dance Productions Inc. In July 2006 Gail Neuman became the sole owner and changed the name to Dansko Studios Inc. New heights in all aspects were reached during the 2006/07 season, thanks to changes made and thanks to our phenomenal faculty!

dansko studios is the home to its own beautiful state-of-the-art, 6,000 sq ft building that was designed and custom built in 2002, specifically for dance. Features include 3 professionally-equipped, air-conditioned spacious studios, with 12ft. ceilings, sprung floors and viewing windows/gallery from large lounge/kitchen area, boys and girls change rooms, and welcoming reception area, with a comfortable office and convenient parking lot. dansko has offered programs in partnership with Saanich Commonwealth Place since 1994. Our “fourth studio”, also a professional dance space, is located only a few minutes from our building on West Sanich Rd.

Every other year since 1996, dancers and families have enjoyed a March Break performance trip. Trip destinations have included: Disneyland, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

Annually, 2nd weekend of June, our dancers participate in our three professionally presented year end shows at the renowned, restored Royal Theatre in Victoria…….’Where the Professionals Dance’.

Last but not least, the history of our ongoing reputation for excellence together with our track record of success make us enormously proud.