“Dansko Studios” has been a huge part of my family’s life for over a dozen years, as both my teen daughters have been dancing at Dansko since they were preschoolers.  From the early days of fun-filled jazz & ballet combo sessions, to their now expansive array of classes which include pointe, modern and contemporary, they have not only built a solid foundation of skills and technique, but also valuable friendships which will last a lifetime!    

The discipline and dedication they have applied to their dance classes has carried over into all aspects of their life, especially their education studies!

I have watched them grow in confidence as well as skill, and am so proud of the effort with which they apply themselves daily and the passion that continues to motivate them.

They have also experienced so much more by joining Dansko ‘company’ over the years, not only through the audition process itself, but also with extra performances at schools and some exciting travel experiences. The local festivals, which Dansko enters many classes into, gives all students the opportunity, to further grow as a dancer, by receiving the expertise that renowned adjudicators bring to our city. 

My eldest daughter has just become a teacher at Dansko, and it is inspiring to see her now share all of her dance knowledge with younger students. They admire and respect her as a veteran Dansko dancer, and she feels that same way towards the rest of the amazing Dansko faculty.

The facility is spacious and inviting, where dancers, friends and family feel at home when they walk through the door. 

The Dansko teachers are all extremely talented dancers and choreographers, and exude warmth and compassion while maintaining high standards throughout all their classes.

I am so fortunate and proud to be a part of this ever-growing Dansko Family!!   

-  Claire Rowley 


“Dansko Studios has been my second home for many years – first as a student and then as an instructor. As a student I always felt comfortable and welcomed into the studio and that my best interests were carefully considered. As an instructor, I learned how hard the Directors and instructors work to provide a high quality environment where children and teens can learn to dance, learn to work within groups and grow into strong individuals. The office door is always open and there is always someone willing to answer a question or provide guidance to ensure the best Dansko experience.”

Brittney Crump, Former Student and Instructor 


Over the past 15 years, my two daughters, son and I have all taken classes at Dansko Studios (Excalibre Dance).  We’ve received top notch instruction by innovative and inspirational teachers. It never mattered if we were taking one class a week (my son and I) or in company or competitions (my girls), the teachers were just as motivating and dedicated to all of us. My daughters have continued to dance longer than my son and I, and it has been a real joy to watch them grow and progress in their dance abilities.  They’ve been able to build great friendships, gain confidence and learn that hard work and dedication can really pay off.   The creative choreography and variety of classes has kept each year exciting and something to look forward to.  The yearend recitals are outstanding and are always a treat for our friends and family. At the end of each year, we swear that the dances cannot be topped and then, with the next recital, we are left to marvel at how it has been done again! Our Dansko family has become such a wonderful part of our lives that it’s a bit sad to realize that, as my youngest is graduating this year, our time at the studio is decreasing.  Thank goodness for their awesome adult classes!        - Rosenne Chan 


I have a house full of boys that absolutely love their classes at Dansko.  The only thing they love more than their classes are their teachers.  The Dansko staff goes above and beyond to make every student feel special and develop their unique abilities.  The talent and passion of the teachers was evident at the 2011 dance recital when even my four year old son had the confidence and skill to stand up in front of audience of hundreds of people and put on a great performance.                – Melissa Cole, mom of four boys