Where is dansko studios located?

4814 West Saanich Road
Victoria BC VGZ 3H5
Phone: (250)-475-6606
Fax: (250)-475-6607

How many studios are there?
dansko has three studios at our West Saanich Road Location. Each studio is specifically designed to suit the various dance styles offered. All studios have sprung floors. Studio 1 is the largest studio and has a hard wood floor, great for jazz, hip-hop and large groups. Studio 2 is the ballet studio, with a new Marley floor that is excellent for class and pointe work. Studio 3 is the tap studio. dansko also partners with Saanich Commonwealth Place and runs dansko-faculty-taught classes and 10-week recreational classes in the dance studio downstairs.

What kinds of classes do you offer?
dansko offers jazz, ballet, tap, lyrical, hiphop, musical theatre, contemporary, modern preschool, ballet/tap/jazz and adult jazz.
Classes are available from ages 2 to adult.

How do I know which level of class I will be in?

Please come to our registration days to consult with the teachers or artistic director individually if need be. The teachers or artistic director will be able to place you correctly in a class that suits your skill level and learning style.

How do I register for a class?

Please contact the studio via email info@danskostudios.com or give us a call 250 475 6606

Are there any bus routes close to the studio?

There are several bus routes that drop off close to the studio at Wilkinson Road and West Saanich Road. From there you can walk to the studio (10-15 minutes). The nearest major bus exchange is the Royal Oak Exchange where the Number 6, 30 , 31, 35, 39, 70, 75 buses stop. Please consult The Victoria Regional Transit System on line at www.busonline.ca/regions/vic/ or call Busline at 382-6161 for further details as routes and fares change periodically.

Do you sell dance shoes at the studio?
dansko does not sell shoes. Please try Elleswear Dance Supply shop

How many people are there in classes?
Classes have a maximum of 28 and minimum of 6.

Do you have a parking lot?
Yes! There is a parking lot attached to the studio with a drive around dropoff lane. Additional parking is available around the corner as well on Beaver Lake Road. Please do not park at the business next door or in the “drop-off” zone.

Do you have showers or lockers?
There are two change rooms – one for girls and one for boys. Each change room has bathroom facilities. There is ample room to change and cubbyholes for clothes and shoes. There are no showers or lockers at this time.  Please do not leave valuables in the change room.

Can I book a private lesson?

dansko does not do private lessons unless it is recommended by the teacher only.

Can I take drop-in classes?
Drop in classes are offered during the first few weeks of class if we are unsure of which level would be best.  Once the class/monthly total is solidified the drop in fee will be taken off the first months payment.

How can I pay for my classes?
Direct Deposit, credit card or cash. 

Do you have a year-end show?
Do we ever! dansko has a three-day recital at the Royal Theatre every June. Students get a chance to rehearse on stage at the state of the art theatre and then perform for sold out crowds at one of Victoria’s most impressive venues.

Have I heard correctly that dansko offers Birthday Parties?
Yes! We do! Come celebrate your child’s birthday party with us! At dansko studios, we offer dance parties for all ages.
For your pre-schooler (Ages 3-5), you can choose from a creative movement class, or a ballet/tap/jazz combo class. Your child and up to 11 friends will spend 45 minutes with a fabulous instructor, while you can make yourself at home in our kitchen area to set up the cake and presents.

Children 6 years and up can choose from Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet and Tap. We can have up to 12 kids ($5 extra for each additional child) to have an hour of dance and fun while you set up the remainder of the party.

All this is available for up to 2.5 hours, for only $125. Please call us if you have any further questions.

Are the studio spaces available to be rented?
Yes, dansko is pleased to offer our studio spaces for rental for select events and activities. Call us for more details.



Although we have not had a safety problem, the issue exists and needs to be addressed. Parents, please discuss safety with your child. We strongly recommend that children not be allowed to leave the studio building before/after class or during breaks.

Snow Days
In the event of heavy snowfall or extreme weather conditions, classes may be cancelled. If the School District in your area is closed, we will probably also be closed. Driving safety for our students and our faculty is our priority. Please call the studio at 475-6606 for recorded message or check our website.

Re-Scheduled Classes
In the event that a class has to be rescheduled, ample notice will be provided with the best possible alternative day and time.

We strongly encourage open communication…..we can’t address or fix a problem we’re unaware of!! Whether it be a small request or major concern please contact us by phone or email. We will contact you at our earliest convenience and do all we can to help and/or solve a problem.Please do not have dialogue with a teacher regarding a problem before, during or in between classes. Thank you! 

Usually our parking lot meets the demand, but occasionally when it doesn’t, we apologize! Please do not park at the business next door during business hours – you may be towed!

Also, parking in our drop off zone creates huge traffic problems on West Saanich Rd. PLEASE DO NOT PARK IN OUR DROP OFF ZONE! Thank you! There is additional parking on Beaver Lake Rd.

For any and all other question, please don’t hesitate to contact the studio or ask your instructor. Also, we encourage you to make suggestions as to what we could include in these FAQ information pages!

See you soon!!