Competition Season Begins!


Well it’s that time of year again, all those extra Sunday rehearsals and late nights at the studio, getting prepared for competition season! Students and teachers alike could not be more excited to show off their ‘stuff’. It’s amazing how driven and focused our students become when entering into this time of year, its magical to see…

 We kick off the season with DanceWorks Competition Festival starting tomorrow at the Charlie White Theatre in Sydney.  At DanceWorks the performers compete in categories based on age and discipline, for entry into the BC Provincial Festival.  The dancers perform two pieces and participate in a master class with the Adjudicator, as part of their evaluation.  As you may or may not know, dancers love to perform for an audience, if you have a chance, come check out we’re talking about!  You can view the entire Competition schedule by clicking DanceWorks

 A lot of hard work goes into getting ready for any type of performance, weather it be a ‘competition’ or ‘non-competition performance’ piece.  We are SO proud of each and every one of our students at dansko!  Thank you to the dancers, choreographers, festival co-ordinators and parents! GO TEAM!